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    Pakistan General Election 2013


    Democracy in Pakistan has been facing several complex challenges including people’s low participation in the electoral system. Voter turnout is generally regarded as a barometer of political participation. High turnout rates usually signify popular interest and public confidence in the electoral system.


    The 2008 polls were the second successive elections in Pakistan after Election 1977 that saw an increase in voter turnouts – up to 45 per cent compared with 42 per cent in 2002. But the fact, that around 55 per cent of the registered voters did not vote, shows the distance that must be covered. Moreover, detailed analysis of voter registration and turnout rates raises a number of issues about fairness and representation. There are various reasons for declining tendency in voters’ interest in electoral system including gaps in voter registration, lack of awareness on importance of voting and lack of knowledge on correctly casting the vote. Poor performance of the elected governments and poor governance are among the factors resulting in citizens’ distrust in political processes, hence they keep aside from an important political & democratic process of voting. Similarly, institutional and administrative gaps and issues are also contributing towards low voter turnout.


    For General Election 2013, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has come up with effective planning to ensure free, fair and peaceful elections. Electoral reforms introduced are also veiwed as improving the electoral system more democratically. However, inter alia, voters' participation in polls is one of the key challenge that can only be addressed by the citizens' active participation in voting process. 


    To contribute to increase the voters' turnout, CTE has joined the efforts being made by ECP, CSOs and support organizations and has initiated to mobilize and educate voters to actively take part in forthcoming General Election 2013.


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    I, Farzana Khilji, joined law as profession in Balochistan a province with dominant tribal and fuedal norms and traditions. Balochistan is a province where women are still struggling for their improved and acknowleged status. On the other hand, women's existance in the profession of law is yet a big challenge since institutional support is not available...
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